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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  March 23, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the shooting started this morning and worked outside to this parking lot. the first shot was fired at 1:15 a.m. that's when she says she was trying to enter the club. she did not want to good on camera. >> start coming out fighting, shooting, and running. we just sat down by somebody's hummers. >> she says the shootings went on for a while. >> for about 15 minutes. 15 minutes long. nonstop. consistently shooting. >> the first tire of her suv was flattened by a bullet. sack loans police say three people were wounded, one seriously. evidence techs combed the area, and finding mostly shell casings, bullet holes could be seed -- seen in cars.
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other witnesses said the were two shooters and the whole incident began with a shove. >> a shoving match broke out. and then all of a sudden it grew into a big altercation, which led to one gunshot. reporter: he assess he found it odd that no one was searched going into the club. >> every club i've ever been to has searched people. reporter: the san francisco entertainment commission has closed 330 rich. commissioners issued an emergency suspension of their operating permit for the near future. the commissioners tell us that they'll be reviewing the club in a hearing sometime next week to do you remember its future -- to determine its future. also -- i'm sorry. well, that's it for me. we're live in san francisco. abc7 news. >> ama: thank you so much for
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that update. the 14-year-old santa rosa boy killed at the marysville raceway a week ago is being remembered as the track re-opens tonight. a private funeral for marcus johnson was held today. a public memorial is tomorrow. he was killed along with man when a car driven by marcus' 17-year-old cousin flew off the track. there was a mechanical failure and track officials say the track is safe. >> viewers sent us pictures of the aftermath of a transformer blowing up. it caused bushes to catch on fire. thousands of residents were without power. no injuries were reported. pg&e has not been told why the the transformer blew. jake is a tattoo artist. >> two months ago the pepper valley's was destroyed in this fire. at the bottom of the hour, a
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benefit concert will be held to collect funds to rebuild it. several bands and standup comics will perform. the fbi has joined the search for a bay area bank robber, wanted for two bank robberies this month, one at the chase tbharchg walnut creek and the other at the wells fargo. the thief has a trademark long sleeved collared shirt, described as a black man between 30 and 35 years old with a veriy beard and goatee. 5'10" to 6'0" tall with a medium build. along with the shirt he has worn dark gray dress pants and shoes. another successful gun buyback in the bay area today, this time in santa clara county. cars gap lining up well before the 7:00 a.m. start time in no time at all more than 500 guns
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were turned in. many people told us it was time to get rid of guns. >> a rifle i had since i want a teenager, and just in the garage. >> there is any reason you wanted to get rid of it now? >> i don't knee it. >> i turned in my gun that i bought in 1975. never fired it. >> never fired it? >> never put bullets in it. >> the county handed out $77,000 today. part of interstate 80 will close bus -- because of construction from 1:00 to 6:00 a.m. a detour will be available for drivers who need to get through the area. bart provided us with this time lapse video from last weekend's closure. it's part of the construction project for the oakland airport connector system. and you can download or app for
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free. still to come at 6:00, lights are going out around the world, and in just a few hours, they'll go out right here in the bay area. why you need to be careful if you're looking to by a knew ipad. it's been called the ultimate man cave. where it used to be and how you can get into it. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. lots of sunshine today. most locations in the 60s. going to bring in a few more 70s tomorrow, and talk about rain chances next week. the seven-day forecast is coming
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>> ama: the lights are going out across the world part of earth hour. at 8:30 p.m. local time cities are turning off the power at landmark buildings for one hour to raise awareness of the impact we have on the environment. >> i think it's a good idea to remind people that you don't need all these lights here, and how much'm -- >> ama: here in the bay area the lights will go off at 8:30 at buildings like city hall. this year san francisco is considered the earth hour capitol city. selected from 29 cities participating in the earth power
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challenge inch just a few hours even the new bay bridge light installation will go dark for one hour tonight. >> women's history month is being celebrated with a series of educational and inspirational events, congresswoman jacky spear of san francisco hosted forums that included our own kristen sze as a panelist. the series features women doctors doctors and airline pilots and journalists, telling their stories to help inspire young girls to go for their dreams. just ahead, the streak across the sky stirring up a frenzy online. >> a warning for shoppers. check out the new i-pad before you leave the store. the unwanted surprise some buyers are getting. a beautiful saturday. what is ahead for tomorrow? leigh glaser is up next with the forecast. >> mike: march madness in full swing. we have updates from the men and
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women, while tiger woods wants his number one ranking in the world
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>> ama: something new to worry about the next time you go to buy an ipad. are you really getting an ipad? several fake ipads have been sold to unsuspecting customers at legitimate stores. a massachusetts woman says the ipad was really a plastic cube shaped like an ipad. best buy has had similar fake ipad incidents. the stores are not commenting but the theory is scammers are stealing the ipad and then replacing them with fakes and they're sold to unsuspecting customers. >> nothing fake about this offer from florida, a late 60s bomb shelter is for sale, called the ultimate man cave. nearly 8,000 square feet with almost all of it underground. there are vents big enough to park cars in, plus good evening -- gadgets. >> looks like a science fiction
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movie set. the ideal buyer is somebody who is not faint of heart or light of wallet. >> if you don't want to make the upgrade yourself, there's actually a company specializing in do-overs of bomb shelters. the shelter is priced to move at just a cool half million dollars. new video of the meteor that lit up the east coast. people all along the east coast said they saw a brief and bright light in the sky. this is a shot of the image in delware. now to more video of the meteor from virginia. nasa officials say the flash appears be a single meteor event. there were reported sitings from maine to south carolina. nothing here, though. nice calm weather going on tonight. leigh glaser has a check of the forecast. >> leigh: certainly do a few high clouds overhead, that's it. all that live doppler hd is picking up. a few near san jose and a stream across the north bay throughout
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the course of the day. here you can see from the high definition east bay cam looking over the bay, you can see a few of the high cloud out there but didn't keep temperatures down too much. santa rosa, the high was 69. concord, 69. 68 in livermore. right now, live shots from our high definition roof top cam. the embarcadero of sap frearntion seeing a little bit of a milky sky. san francisco, 59 degrees. 57 in san carlos. a of hamp moon -- half moon bay, 63. another look towards the bay bridge, san francisco in the background. santa rosa, 66. so, the forecast highlights include those high clouds that will stay with us off and on tonight. it will be a cool evening in most locations. mostly sunny and mild tomorrow. then we're going to bring a chance of showers into the seven-day forecast next week. lows tonight, upper 30s in the
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north bay and east bay. welt we'll look for a little bit of the high cloudiness near the coast. half moon bay, 41. 46, san francisco. 44, san san jose. here's a look at the setup. high pressure brought us a nice spring day today. it will do so again tomorrow and into monday. and then after that, we'll see thickening clouds and a chance of rain by next week mid-week. so passing cloud tomorrow and temperatures will warm up a few degrees. if you were in the upper 60s today more than likely you'll be in the low 70s tomorrow. >> here's 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the forecast animation clear. although a few clouds off the coast, and you can notice move across the bay area, around the lunchtime hour, and tomorrow we'll see more of an onshore wind component meaning the low clouds moving inland. here's a look at the highs tomorrow. very nice.
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mild with sunshine. high clouds. 70s, san jose. 70, kuper -- cupertino. millbrae, 6 4. san francisco, 62. daly city on the cool side, 56. 69, santa rosa. sausolito, 64. oakland, 68. union city, 67, and the low 70s interior east bay. here's a look hey seven-day forecast. tuesday, the clouds thicken up. we cool off wednesday, chance of showers thursday, friday, saturday, a best chance of maybe seeing some rain around here and that could possibly spill over into easter sunday. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you. follow@live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest conditions, rain or show, and power outage information, and
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tweets from your favorite weather team. >> ama: mike shumann is here with highlights. >> mike: a little basketball. lady's first. ncaa tournament, the second seed in the spokane region, cal, facing press know state. cal is a dangerous team. they're going to surprise people. lindsey gottlieb leading the bears. boyd, puts cal up seven. now 61-48. four of cal starters reached double digits. jennifer brandon, two or her 19. cal crushes the bulldogs and face the winner of texas tech and south florida. >> then stanford and alabama in tuscaloosa, first half, dwight powell, followup jam but his only bucket of the game.
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randolph, the three, bottom. bama up 11. the layup and the file. le alabama cruises to the victory, eliminating the defending champions from the n.i.t. tournament. >> michigan businessing virginia commonwealth. got some help from his teammates like glen robinson iii. monster jam. 78-53 the final. michigan moving on to the sweet 16 for the first time since 194. michigan state and memphis. michigan state led by three at the half. payne, gets revenge in the second. the rebound. slams it home. two star players get in a heated exchange during the time-out. they weren't arguing much after payne finishes the alley-oop.
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he had 14. michigan state on to the sweet 16 with a 70-48 victory. switch gears. it's hockey, minnesota hosting the sharks. you can't win if you can't score. san jose, fewest goals in the league with only 71. sharks gate rare penalty shot. denied. second peered. parise. wide open. doesn't miss. 12th of the year. 1-0 wild. shark's penalty kill the best part of the game this year but couldn't stop sturgeon. san jose shut out. 2-0 the final. cactus league action. bay bridge series preview. tim lincecum pitching like last year 9.39 e.r.a. in three starts this spring. didn't fare much better today. top first, cespedes crushes it.
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allowed five runs, six hits, 80 pitches, walking three and struck out five. and then in the fifth, the solo shot brandon belt gets his seventh home run of the spring, but the a's crush the giants. >> tiger woods playing his best golf in years. won two weeks ago at doral and took the lead today at arnie's tournament in bay hill. a win here and takes over number one in the world for the first time since 2010. >> it rained today. thanks to this eagle putt, would tall ter down the stretch, two pack. tiger, had some catching up to do. that what he did. birdies nine -- three of the first nine holes, almost aces seven. this long eagle putt, two-stroke league. if he wins the tournament he takes over number one in the world and is 41-2 when leading
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going poo at the -- into the final round. syracuse and warriors, sabre cats tonight, and if syracuse loses we'll have one unhappy producer. >> i like tom izzo's face. are you kidding me? >> the big game excitement across the country, but you can't play
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ago. >> ama: tonight be hear from a boy scout group who says the current gay ban does not stop gays from joining the scouts. the item that is so popular more people have this than a working toilet. those stories and more tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> could someone become a multi millionaire tonight? no one has won the powerball sense february so it's now up to $320 million the sixth highest in history of the largest was $587 million. two winning tickets for that prize were sold in november. you can't jump into tonight's game here but starting next month, power bawl -- pourball --
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powerball tickets will be sold in california. that's it for us. thank you for joining us.
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